#1. LEARN TO SHOOT PACKAGE... Learn to break you first clay target. Includes instruction, targets, ammo, firearm and all safety equipment. Have a fantastic time and learn in a safe, fun environment. $175 per person

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#3. LESSON PACKAGES... Up your game either for Clay Target or Wing Shooting. Book a (2) lesson package or more and receive 2 boxes of Ammo free for each lesson you book. With ammo on the rise, no better way to make your lessons more affordable. (12 or 20ga. ammo only)

Call Tom at 845-625-3151 today. Gift certificates always available. Sales are valid until Dec. 24th , 2022.


Hello, and thanks for visiting my web site. Whether you are a Novice trying to break your first clay, a Master Class shooter desiring to advance your mental game, or a Wing Shooter, trying to put more game on the table, I can get you to where you want to go! Take a moment and browse through my web site, and while you do, I ask you to consider these two questions:

  1. Would you rather be taught by a great champion or a great teacher? (Ask Phil Mickelson his opinion!)
  2. Is more expensive always better?

I think you know the answer to both of those questions, but take a tour through my site. See what other shooters have to say, peruse my philosophy and qualifications, and if you like what you see, you too can join the list of shooters breaking more targets, and enjoying their shooting more.  I don't just say I can improve your game........."I GUARANTEE IT".   Give me a call today, and tell me where YOU want to go, and I will help you get there.  Find out what you have been missing.....besides those orange targets.   What have you got to lose? Only a few "0"'s on your score sheet, or a trip to KFC after a day long hunt. 

And while you are on the sure to view the Upland bird hunt videos on this home page, and if that excites you as much as it does me............find out how you can book the hunt of a lifetime over 4 AKC Titled Brittany's and bring home dinner too!  A day in the field with great friends, quality dogs, and memories to last a lifetime can be yours with one phone call.   Check out the video .........and when the crisp mornings of fall comes around,  get out in the field over great dogs, and some good friends and make your own memories.

Tom Fiumarello

Sporting Clay Instruction Photos

Watch Ginger and Meg in Kansas at Scott Lindens Fur-Feathers-Friends Event


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Anthony Regelski Sr.

When my son first took an interest to shotgun shooting and we started shooting together at a local club, I didn't want him to form any "bad habits." I wanted him to learn how to handle a shotgun for both clay targets and bird hunting the correct way. I searched for an instructor that had the credentials I was looking for; he offered us an inexpensive first time lesson. After that lesson I was very impressed with Tom's teaching style and his ability to instruct and communicate effectively with my son. He started taking lessons and meeting Tom as often as we could. And over the past 3 years or so I have watched my son mature and develop as a shooter and as a young man, applying Tom's lessons not only behind the gun but in life in general. Over the past 3 years he has competed in local, state, and national tournaments, Tom would take every bad score find out what went wrong and make it into a learning experience. Tom would always tell him, "Everyone misses, it's what you do with that miss that sets you apart from others." Now at 18 years old he had recently become the " 2018 New York State Sporting Clay's Champion", package that together with a phenomenal bird hunter and he being a true outdoorsman I couldn't be prouder of him and I couldn't have picked a better instructor/Coach and friend than Tom Fiumarello.

Geoff Wilk, Delmar, NY

I am a long time duck hunter. I have shot clays over the years as well. I have never had instructions in clay target shooting and as a result picked up some bad habits. Truth be told, when I hit more than a few targets in a row, it was by chance, not skill. I aimed at the target, and hoped for the best. Recently I had the privilege of taking a one day clay shooting school at Guarino Farms, in Marlboro, NY. Tom Fiumarello was my instructor. Tom taught me the correct way to break clays. His method takes the "aim and pray" factor out of shooting and replaces it with a simple, common sense, scientific approach to hitting the targets. I was astounded when, after following his simple instructions, I was able to vaporize target after target. His methods work like nothing I have ever seen before. My only regret is that I was not able to take the two day class due to prior commitments. Two friends in our group who were there for both days were absolutely killing targets. If you want to easily improve your clay shooting skills, I highly recommend you take one of Tom's clinics or take a lesson. It is affordable and it just plain works. In addition, the folks at Guarino Farms put on delicious meals and their facility is first rate.

Dr. Chris Bromley, XCEL Clay Target Attendee

This was the best day ever, without question.

Randy Biaggi

Tom, Today at TMT was FANTASTIC. Thank you again for a great hunt. Your dogs were awesome, as always. It is always a pleasure to hunt with you and the "girls". Could not have asked for a better day.

Chris MCKinnie XCEL Clay Target Clinic Attendee

Thank you for helping to unlock the unknowns that I have been struggling with, to better my successes in shooting sporting Clays. You and Bob provided an AWSOME experience in breaking down the challenges. You made fun, MORE FUN.

Howard Berman

After my introduction to Sporting Clays, I decided to become a serious shooter. I trained hard, was fortunate to have access to some of the best coaches in the country. However, once I found my stroke I was consistently stumbling and having difficulty allowing myself to shoot with a calm and peaceful mindset.

One of my coaches suggested I speak with a sports psychologist to get a better understanding of what my mind was doing while I was shooting, thereby allowing myself to use the skills I’ve developed.

My mental game was going nowhere, and as a result I was unable to improve. Quite fortunately, I had crossed paths with Tom eight months earlier, and I remembered him saying something about studying sports psychology and applying it to his sporting clays instruction so I called him for a lesson. Needless to say, I was impressed, educated, motivated and went home wanting to book a series of lessons with Tom.

Happily I did, and as a direct result of his instruction I have matured in my game, and am able to allow myself to move on to breaking more targets with harder hits while putting in less effort. I am very grateful to Tom for the work he has put into me and for the amount of knowledge I have gained from him. I am looking forward to working with him this season, as his approach, attitude, and perseverance are infectious.

Howard Berman
Master Class
NSCA Instructor

Gary Taylor

In my 40+ years of shotgunning, extensive hunting, and training at the highest levels of the sport, at the Olympic Training Center, in Colorado Springs, I thought, "What could this guy teach me that I don't already know"? Honestly, "a lot". In my quest to try some tournaments this year, I enlisted Tom's assistance to help sharpen my game. He not only sharpened it, he honed it to a razors edge. I was amazed, what I thought I knew, I really did not know at all. My mental game has been raised, my shotgun skills are improved, and I now have the confidance that I can win each and every time on the course no matter where it is. I could not be happier. If you want to learn, and find out, what you really don't know, but think you do; call Tom for a lesson. All you will be able to say at the lessons end is "WOW".

Gary Taylor
Fmr. Olympic Trap Competitor

Renee Leone

Tom Fiumarello is the best teacher there is hands down, bar none. His teaching methods are fun and extremely effective. I don’t know any other instructor that can guarantee you to improve and actually deliver on that promise. He is an asset to the sport and anyone that crosses his path is extremely privileged.

Tom not only is an excellent instructor and well worth the money but he is an extraordinary gentleman who will go above and beyond to help his students in any way he can. He often will put himself second to make sure that his students have everything they need to succeed. I am very grateful to not only have him for an instructor but also a good friend.

Renee Leone
Syracuse, NY

Walt Richardson

I’ve been shooting sporting clays for about four years. I recently took some lessons with Tom Fiumarello. I wish I had done this when I first started shooting. Tom simplifies the process of breaking clay targets and is helping me develop a shooting style. Tom tailors his lessons to help you achieve your goals. He is happy to take whatever skills you have and build on those skills. He is a positive guy. He helped me with the mechanical aspect of breaking clay targets as well as the mental aspect of competitive shooting. If you think you want to shoot sporting clays, take a lesson with Tom. I think you will be glad that you did.

Erie, PA

Jim Sutherland

A.J. and Mike are inner city kids......13 and 11 years old. It was very difficult in getting them involved in any "thinking Sport". They had minimal outdoor activities, and it was very difficult to get either one of them to hold their attention very long or get them interested in very much. Neither boy had ever shot a gun before, and as their Grandfather, I thought shooting clays may be something both boys might like. A.J's younger brother Mike followed him around like a shadow, so he naturally wanted to shoot too, but Mike had a totally different learning curve, hence I was a little apprehensive to have them learn here was my dilemma. I've got one kid who can be very aggressive, and his younger brother, that was timid, and a slow learner. While A.J. blossomed under Tom's guidance, Mike was tearful and timid..........the kick of the gun, the sound, all shook him. I was ready to throw in the towel. Tom did not agree. Tom's patience and love shown to Mike won him over, and now he too is shooting with his brother. Tom's teaching technique was extremely successful and proved that over time both boys could be won over. Both boys went from, "It's OK, to When can we go again". While Mike enjoys being out there and shooting with his big brother, A.J. proficiency has been overwhelming. Club members where A.J. takes lessons have notice how well he is shooting and have commented to him. At a recent clinic, A.J. and the friends he made at the event, begged Tom to let them shoot after the event ended at 3:00, and Tom stayed with them until 5:00 so they could continue shooting.

As Grandfather and Grandmother, we started this journey with A.J. and Mike, over some objections from their Mom and Dad, but after the first couple of lessons, with both kids raving over the activity and their instructor, they soon realized what an enjoyable and educational experience this was for both kids. Tom you turned two hard city kids, into mush with your infectious personality and laughter. As grandparents and parents we cannot thank you enough. We'll see you again this summer for sure.

Jim Sutherland